Features & Benefits

A Few Reasons You'll Want A Solar Generator

Max Power Minimum Time

Maximum Power In Minimum Time

The solar generator can be set up in just a few minutes. Then, all you have to do is start plugging things in. It will run both AC & DC appliances anywhere... anytime!

Generates Permanent Power

Generates Permanent Power

The unit stores power and makes it available when you need it. The generator is recharged constantly by the sun allowing you to use the system and keep charging it at the same time. Many users choose to keep appliances plugged in permanently to reduce electrical costs and help pay for the unit.

Plug and play means instant power

Plug And Play Means Instant Power

The emergency backup system comes ready to go. Just start plugging in your favorite household essentials. Great for powering aquariums, small refrigerators and freezers, alarm clocks, security systems, whatever you need to live comfortably when the power goes out.

Assembled In America

Assembled In America

All of our solar kits, including the PowerSource 1800, are assembled in the United States of America.